P.L.A.Y.@SCHOOL provides Occupational Therapy services in the school setting, preschool setting, or CPE daycare settings. We target skill development to enhance performance in pre-school or school-based occupations. This type of setting is ideal for children in either preschool or elementary school. Assessments and/or treatment sessions are done on site, in the school/daycare setting. This would minimize the amount of time missed in class and would not require parents to leave work for appointments. Included in the @SCHOOL services are assessments and /or treatment sessions, focusing on performance as related to daily school functioning, ongoing collaboration with the school team, seminars/workshops for teachers, and parent information sessions. An evidence-based assessments and treatment approaches are utilized that are functional, goal-oriented and provides family-centered therapy. The assessments and/or treatments are covered by most private insurance companies, and insurance receipts are provided for each assessment and/or treatment session.

The Goal

Occupational Therapists (OTs) work directly with the family, the child and the daycare, pre-school and/or school personnel to help students achieve their full potential and improve participation in play, pre-school and/or school occupations. Using collaborative approaches and consultations, we assess how the environment, physical ability and cognitive ability affects the student’s ability to fully participate in the school.

The Plan

School Occupational Therapists (OTs) offers services to students, teachers, integration aids, educational staff and parents. We service students in daycare/CPE, pre-school, elementary schools, high schools, CEGEPs and even specialized adult educationa settings. We assist students who may have physical, intellectual, developmental and neurological disabilities, attending either private or public educational or home institutions.

The Importance of OT in Schools

OTs are health care professionals specifically trained to help engage children/students in everyday occupations such as play, self-help skills, participation in family routines, and participation in school routines. OTs are able to help students participate in school occupations and routines by collaborating with all school personnel, family and students to adapt/modify the environment, activity, and physical/cognitive challenges of the specific child.