P.L.A.Y.@HOME provides Occupational Therapy services in the client’s home setting. The services range from providing one-to-one evaluations and treatment for the child, information for the parents, and parent coaching. An evidence-based assessments and treatment approaches are utilized that are functional, goal oriented and provides family-centered therapy. The assessments and/or treatments are covered by most private insurance companies, and insurance receipts are provided for each assessment and/or treatment session.

The Goal

Therapists (OTs) work directly with families and children in order to help a child achieve their full potential and improve participation in childhood activities or “occupations”, while working in the child’s home environment.

The Plan

Through collaboration and specific therapeutic techniques, OTs help children achieve their full potential and their goals. The OTs may use such intervention techniques as Handwriting without Tears to help with handwriting acquisition or Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) to assist with acquisition of new motor skills. Various other therapeutic interventions are used as they pertain to each child. There are always benefits and drawbacks to working with children in their home environment, please speak with your Occupational Therapist to see if this is the right setting for your child.