P.L.A.Y.@CLINIC is an Occupational Therapy service are offered in the clinic setting. Our clinic is part of the AccessAbilities Therapy Clinic (accessabilitiestherapyclinic.com). Families can make an appointment our main clinic in the West Island for either an evaluation and/or treatment sessions. We pride ourselves on providing evidence-based assessments and treatment approaches that are functional, goal oriented and provide family-centered therapy. The assessments and/or treatments explore strengths and areas of interest to improve daily functioning and participation in activities that a child needs to, expected to, or wants to do. Most services are covered by private insurance companies, and insurance receipts are provided for each assessment and/or treatment session. The clinics have a multidisciplinary team available for further consultation, if required.

The Goal

The goal is to help a child achieve their full potential and improve participation in childhood activities or occupations.

The Plan

Through collaboration and specific therapeutic techniques, OTs help children achieve their full potential and their goals. The OTs may use such intervention techniques (but not limited to) as Handwriting without Tears to help with handwriting acquisition or Cognitive Orientation to daily Occupational Performance (CO-OP) to assist with acquisition of new motor skills. Other therapeutic interventions are used as they are pertinent to each individual child.