2017 World Gymnastics Champiionships and P.L.A.Y.@GYM

P.L.A.Y.@GYM is a gymnastics based program for children and adults with special needs. In North America, there has been a documented rise in obesity in both children and adults. Those with special needs are at an even higher risk due to their lack of participation in physical activity. The goal of the program is to promote participation in physical activity. P.L.A.Y.@GYM is a very unique program, in that it is designed and developed by a licensed and certified occupational therapist with an extensive knowledge of child development, motor coordination and an extensive knowledge and certification in the sport of gymnastics. It provides an opportunity for adults and children w ith disabilities to participate and be physically active. The assessments and/or treatments are covered by most private insurance companies, and insurance receipts are provided for each assessment and/or treatment session.


The goal is to help increase participation in physical activity for children and adults with disabilities. Through use of gymnastic principles and techniques, this program will increase participation in physical activity and help with gross motor skills development.

Common concerns for children under 3 years of age are:
  • Difficulties achieving motor milestones (i.e. not rolling over at 7 months, not walking by 18 months, unable to go on her/his tummy, unable to eat and pick up foods, not able to manipulate small objects, does not play with toys, etc.)
  • Difficulties with self-help skills (i.e. unable to help get dressed and undressed, difficulty eating, etc.)
  • Difficulty with play skills
Common concerns for children at 4 years of age and over:
  • Difficulties with fine motor skills (handling and manipulating small objects)
  • Difficulties with play skills
  • Unable to pedal a bicycle (with or without training wheels)
  • Difficulty with handwriting (including holding writing tools, etc.)
  • Difficulty with scissor skills
  • Lack of coordination
  • Difficulty with dressing skills (i.e. zippers, buttons)
  • Difficulty participating in sports
  • Difficulty acquiring new motor skills


The Mission of P.L.A.Y.@GYM is to provide an opportunity for children and adults with special needs to participate in physical activity and help promote healthy living through a specialized gymnastics-based program.


Through use of gymnastics equipment and techniques, coaches and OTs help children achieve their desire to participate and learn gross motor skills.


Please contact info@playlimitless.ca for cost breakdown for P.L.A.Y.@GYM

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